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Thanks man

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i apologize to your girlfriend if this makes her jealous or anything but i just need to say that youre hot, and such a nice guy. shes a lucky girl! and youre both so cute together

How do you know if I’m nice or not? And thanks, she’s perfect and I’m the lucky one.


i love my boyfriend for taking this picture.

I love you too baby

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You're fucking perfect. Marry me. I love you. PS: PUNK'S NOT DEAD!!!!

Only if you’re my Ashley

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SID VICIOUS - Something Else


59 plays Belsen Was A Gas Sex Pistols 01-10-78 Dallas


Belsen Was A Gas handwritten lyrics.


Eric and Dylan + KMFDM merchandise 

Eric Harris and his mood/anger problems


  • According to a classmate, ”Eric got mad easier than other people”. He got angry/mad at slightest thing. Susan’s mom says in the Columbine reports that he changed his tone in voice/got mad when she told her that Susan was not home to receive his phone call.
  • Eric lost his temper and…