Body # 1

Dylan Klebold, a white male, was on his back with his head pointing East. His legs were bent at the hip with his knees towards the North and his lower legs pointing West. His left arm was across his stomach with a fingerless black glove on his left hand. His right arm was extended by his side and his right hand was around the grip of the TEC - 9 pistol. Grey tape, holding two match strikes to the inside of his forearm, was around his right wrist. He was wearing a black t - shirt with the word “WRATH ” in red on the front, black cargo - type pants, black boots and white socks. A large knife was on the left side of his belt. His face was blood-stained and a pool of blood was on the carpet under his head. Ammunition on his body included 14 rounds of 2 3/4 Federal Shotgun shells in an ammunition belt around his waist; in a bandoleer were 19 rounds of Federal 00 buckshells; and numerous live shotgun shells in a pants pocket. Klebold had a near contact wound to his left temple with a corresponding exit wound through his right temple. He also aspirated blood. He could have been capable of some involuntary movement.

Body # 2

Eric Harris, a white male, was to the North of Klebold. The upper back was leaning against the bottom shelf of the West side of Row 6 with his head pointed South. His skull was open at the top and the shelves behind him and the ceiling above him and the carpet below his head were blood-stained. His arms were by his chest with this forearms and hand angled up towards his face. He had a fingerless glove on his right hand, which was next to a green pouch with Shotgun shells. He was wearing a white t - shirt with the words “NATURAL SELECTION ” on the front, black pants with a green ammunition belt, black boots and a knife strapped to his right leg. He had an ammunition pouch in his left cargo pants pocket. The pouch contained 10 rounds of Winchester 12 Gauge Shotgun shells, each shell labels as containing 15 pellets of 00 buck. Two single - column magazines with 9mm rounds were in his pants pocket. A black ball cap with the letter ’ B ’ was between HARRIS’s leg and KLEBOLD’s head. Harris had a shotgun wound to his head with the muzzle in his mouth. Bleeding was observed through his nose. The left knee of his pant leg was blood - soaked and a piece of skull was found to the North of his left calf. The stains on the ceiling and shelves were consistent with HARRIS receiving the gunshot wound to his head while in a seated position.
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Posted on Wednesday, 15 August
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